Schools are working with Local Council to try to improve safety for children on the journey to school, reduce congestion around the school and encourage more parents, children and staff to walk or use public transport to get to school.

It is appreciated that the school run can affect residents adversely and part of our school travel plan will look at ways of alleviating parking and congestion problems around the school. Therefore, we are seeking your views and comments with regard to improvements that could be made to the local area. These improvements could be engineering measures directed at traffic hotspots or means to alleviate the congestion affecting the local roads.

Please answer the questions below which will be used to compile the review of the travel plan.

Thank you in advance for taking time to answer this questionnaire, when you have completed, please click submit!


How do you usually travel with your child/children to school?
  Walk (including children on scooters)
  Public Transport
How far is your home from the school?
  Less than 2 miles
  Between 2 and 5 miles
  Between 5 and 10 miles
  Over 10 miles
Do you encounter any of the below around the school grounds?
  Speeding cars
  Inconsiderate driving/parking
  Cars parked on the Zig Zag lines
  Traffic congestion
  Dangerous 3 point turns
  Dangerous road crossing
Please use this space to raise any concerns you have about the school journey, and any ideas on improvements that could be made
Please indicate why you take your children to school by car
  Unsafe crossing points
  Onward journey to work
  Too far to walk
Would any of the below encourage you to change your decision about walking to school?
  Safer road crossing
  Reduction in car speed around the school
  Walking Bus *bus stop points for parents to drop their children to parent/teacher volunteers who will walk the children to school.
  Nothing would change my decision
Do you regularly take other children to school?
Would you be interested in a Car Sharing scheme with other parents?
If suitable parking were available, would you be prepared to park and walk the rest of the way to school?
Would you allow your child to cycle to school?
If no please tell us why
  They cannot cycle
  I feel they are too young
  There is no safe cycle route from home to school
  They do not own a bike
  Cycle parking is not available at the school
  They have not had the appropriate training
The school can request Cycle Training to any child from Year 6 upwards – if your child had the training, would you allow them to cycle?