Schools are working with Local Council to try to improve safety for children on the journey to school, reduce congestion around the school and encourage more parents, children and staff to walk or use public transport to get to school.

It is appreciated that the school run can affect residents adversely and part of our school travel plan will look at ways of alleviating parking and congestion problems around the school. Therefore, we are seeking your views and comments with regard to improvements that could be made to the local area. These improvements could be engineering measures directed at traffic hotspots or means to alleviate the congestion affecting the local roads.

Please answer the questions below which will be used to compile the review of the travel plan.

Thank you in advance for taking time to answer this questionnaire, when you have completed, please click submit!


How close would you estimate your property to be to one of the school entrances?
  Within 10 metres of entrance
  On the same road as the school entrance (further than 10 metres)
  On a surrounding road to the school
Does traffic caused by parents/carers cause you any problems?
If Yes, is the problem related to any of the below (multiple tick box)
  Blocking of your driveway
  Abusive behaviour
  Inconsiderate parking
Do you have any suggestions on how we can try to improve safety around the school?