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Teddy Bears Picnic

Tue 21, June 2016

It's time for our annual Teddy Bears Picnic hosted at the beautiful Manor Farm Site in Ruislip. Bring along your school walking bears and your fabulous MRSO's and enjoy a day packed with lots of road safety and school travel fun and not forgetting the all famous picnic!


Teddy Bears Picnic

Tue 24, June 2014

The Road Safety and School Travel Team would like you invite you, your school walking bear and up to 8 year 2 children to our annual Teddy Bears Picnic Event.

Last years event was a massive success and we took a lot of feedback from staff and children to make this year's even better.

The Teddy Bears Picnic is an opportunity for children to come along and take part in different activities that will enhance their knowledge in road safety and ideas on how they can promote it in their own schools.

The day will include:

1. A theatre performance to help encourage walking to school
2. Design activity - best designs win a prize!
3. Visual Travelling Surveys
4. Interactive, team building worskshop
5. The all famous picnic

Date:Tuesday 24th June 2014
Time: 9:30 – 14:30
Place: Manor Farm, Bury Street, Ruislip, HA4 7SU

Information has already been sent to schools, but for further information please contact a member of the Road safety & School Travel Team